Compact ash blocks. Blocks are produced for the British company DAVEY. Their shape is based on the English style of the 1920s. Tufnol wheels. Highlight: The stainless steel axle is secured with a screw, making it easy to dismantle the block for maintenance and inspection. The blocks are intended for yachts up to 12-14 meters.

DAVEY Single sheave 

DAVEY Singel sheave & becket

DAVEY Singel sheave swivel

DAVEY Single sheave swivel & becket

DAVEY Singel sheave hook

DAVEY Singel sheave hook & becket

DAVEY Single strop block

DAVEY Double sheave

DAVEY Double sheave & becket

DAVEY Double sheave swivel

DAVEY Double sheave swivel & becket

DAVEY Double sheave strop block

DAVEY Triple sheave 

DAVEY Triple sheave & becket

Fiddle Block