Wooden and stainless steel blocks made for Sea Cloud Spirit!

We are pleased to inform you that our wooden and steel blocks will be part of the new Sea Cloud Spirit sailing ship. Sea Cloud Spirit is being built by shipyards in Spain. The design and execution of the ship’s rigging was designed by Choreń Design & Consulting. The 138 metre-long three-master can accommodate up to 136 passengers and, like its two sister ships, occupies a special niche within the expanding cruise market. The SEA CLOUD SPIRIT is designed as a three-masted fully-rigged ship. With around 4100 square metres, it is able to carry twice the sail area of the sail training ship Gorch Fock, for example. The tallest of the three masts is 57 metres high. The newly built ship is equipped with two diesel-electric drives with a capacity of 1700 kW each. For SEA CLOUD CRUISES , it was a natural choice to operate all ships with low-sulphur marine diesel from the outset. Interior construction has already begun at the Metalships & Docks shipyard in Vigo, Spain, and work on the deck is going to plan. The ship’s interior has been designed by the renowned Hamburg planning office PARTNER SHIP DESIGN. Upon completion, the SEA CLOUD SPIRIT shall present all the majesty of a tall ship, offering guests plenty of outdoor space, an exclusive wellness and spa concept, with an elegant interior design in the style of a classic yacht. Out of the 69 outer cabins, 25 will have their own balconies and for the first time ever on a sailing ship, the SEA CLOUD SPIRIT will also feature a passenger lift connecting the various decks.