Wooden Blocks “Standard” and “Yacht” of ash wood in traditional design and construction. Bindings made of polished strong stainless steel (AISI 316). The sheaves are made of ERTACETAL white plastic with high strength. The stainless steel axle in secured against turning and also makes it easier tu dismasting the blocks for maintenance and inspection. The glued and screwed wooden shells is covered with Tung oil and then varnished with a special glossy varnish. We doing all sizes blocks with or without becket. Fiddle blocks, swivel and strop blocks are also available. The Wooden Blocks “Yacht” are intended for yachts up to 14 meters.

Wooden Blocks "Yacht"

Yacht block single sheave

Yacht block singel sheave & becket

Yacht block double sheave 

Yacht block double sheave  & becket

Wooden Blocks "Standard"

Standard block single sheave

Standard block singel sheave & becket

Standard block singel sheave swivel

Standard block single sheave swivel & backet

Standard block singel sheave strop block

Standard block double sheave strop block

Standard block double sheave 

Standard block double sheave & becket

Standard block triple sheave & becket

Standard block triple sheave 

FootBlock Standard

FootBlock Standard & becket

Fiddle block standard

Fiddle block standard & becket

Snatch Block

Bullit Block