EcoBlocks are wooden composite made of bamboo saw dust. The composite resembles wood in appearance and smell, but has different properties. All components of the composite are blended in a thermoplastic resin. Therefore the composite does not absorb water, which makes it very resistant to adverse weather conditions. Does not require maintenance or impregnation, there is no need to renew it. Fittings in EcoBlocks are made of strong stainless steel (AISI316), its surfaces are polished mechanically. Sheaves are made from black Ertacetal. Sheaves with slide bearings. The strong stainless steel axle bolt is secured against twist and loss. Blocks for Rope 12-22 mm

Eco Blok Single sheave

Eco Block Singel sheave & becket

Eco Blok Double sheave

Eco Blok Double sheave & Becket

Eco Blok Tripple sheave 

Eco Blok Tripple sheave & Becket

Eco Blok Fiddle

Eco Blok Fiddle with becket